"Bruschette" Toast with chicken liver Pate and fresh Tomatoes € 6,00
Zucchini Flan served with Sweet Tomatoe Sauce € 10,00
Boiled Veal Terrine (Cheek, Toungue and Nerves)  served with "Vin Santo" Caramelized Onions € 9,00
Antico Forno Appetizer: Selection of Cold Cuts, Crostini and Degustation of Our Appetizers € 22,00  (Per 2 pers.)
Pasta & Soups
Dumplings made with Ricotta Cheese, pot Herbs and sun dried tomatoes served with butter and
Pecorino Cheese € 10,00
Maccheroncini (home made pasta) with Chianti Meat Sauce € 10,00
Potatoes Dumplings with Fresh Tomatoes sauce and Basil € 9,00
Risotto  with Courgette Flowers € 10,00
Spaghetti alla Chitarra with seasoned pork Cheek, Sage and Parmisan € 9,00 
Grill and Deep Fried
Fiorentina Beef Steak € 4,00/hg
"Tagliata" Grilled Sirloin Steak with Salad and Crispy Potatoes € 16,00
Grill Chicken under a brick € 16,00
Fried Pork Chops with Fries and Red Pepper Mustard € 12,00
Fried Chicken and Rabbit with Seasonal Vegetables € 12,00
Lamb Cutelets with Fries € 15,00
Beef Brain with Fries € 12,00
Varieties of Fried Meat (Chicken, Rabbit, Meat Balls, Brain, Lamb and Pork Chops) with Mixed Vegetables € 32,00 (2 pers.)

 Chef's Whim

Crispy Panzanella (Salad made with fresh vegetables: Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumber and Crispy Bread) € 9,00
Pears Salad with Almonds and Soft Cheese € 9,00
Burrata  (Smocked Cheese) with Grilled Red Pepper and Prosciutto  € 10,00
Deep Fried Mozzarella Sandwich with Fresh Tomatoes and Anchovies € 12,00

Side Dishes
 Crispy Potatoes
Deep Fried Vegetables 
Wild Salad
Mixed Salad
Grilled Red Pepper
€ 4,50

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